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It’s 「Know-how of the Day」 time 🔍

Today, I prepared a super helpful tip for those who read foreign documents a lot.

It is a small circular gesture!

Flexcil intern will inform you everything about a small circular gesture!

What is the Small Circular Gesture?

There are many different gestures in Flexcil.

Among them, a small circular gesture is a gesture where you draw a small circle around a word to select the word.

After you draw a small circle, additional jobs are available for a selected text such as underlining, highlighting, copying to a clipboard, and etc.

Above all, the best feature about this gesture is looking up a word in the dictionary!

When you are reading a document and don’t know the meaning of a word, just draw a small circle around it. By doing so, you can look up the word in the dictionary without going out of the app.

By using a small circular gesture, you can reduce the time looking up words, and can also look up words as you read so it is necessary when reading foreign documents~!

How to Use a Small Circular Gesture

It only takes a second to use a small circular gesture!

  1. Change to gesture mode.
  2. Draw a small circle around a word to select the word.
  3. Choose a feature that you want to use. (Underlining, highlighting, copying to a clipboard, looking up a word in the dictionary, and etc.)

“A Small Circular Gesture helps you look up a word in the dictionary quickly in the app”

Tips on How to Use

I’m pretty sure some of you felt the same way I feel when reading foreign documents. Where am i,, who am i,, I am so confused,,,😵

Even if I have a lot of words to look up, going back and forth the app and the dictionary is making me lose concentration.

From now on, let’s make sure our concentration does not go anywhere!

When you are reading a foreign document and have a word that you don’t know, don’t panic, but just draw a small circle around it!

The circle doesn’t have to be perfect, just draw it roughly~

Words that you don’t know will be answered right away as you read the document, so you won’t lose any concentration!

With a small circular gesture, there are no worries when reading foreign documents!👌

Today’s Know-how is very simple but very efficient!

I hope you study with Flexcil until the day you master foreign languages.

See you at the next Know-how of the Day time~! Bye, bye!

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